On the 15th October Hedda Calderon, along with four other peace and human rights advocates was arrested in the Philippines.

They say that the state forces planted evidence in their vehicle to justify their arrest and detention.

The Gabriela Women’s Party — a political party dedicated to promoting the rights and welfare of marginalised and under-represented Filipino women — said on Hedda’s arrest:

“We call for her immediate release, as there is no case filed against her at the time of her arrest, and that her arresting officers employed compounded human rights violations such as illegal search, fabricated or planted evidence and warrantless arrest, against her.”

Care2 member Joan Salvador has written this petition to demand that the Philippine government free Hedda Calderon, and stop the attacks against women human rights defenders.

“We strongly condemn the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police for insinuating that those arrested were terrorists to justify the “Red October” plot that they concocted.”

Please join me in supporting this petition. We need to send a clear message to the Philippine government that the onslaught of rights violations will no longer be tolerated.

Unterschriftspetition: Free Hedda Calderon! Stop the attacks against women human rights defenders!