The #MagitingProject – Magiting is Musika Publiko’s tribute to the country’s brave health workers. A song recorded by about 50 Filipino musicians across the country and the world.


Dear Friends,

 I got this beautiful tribute to frontliners and health workers this morning. I’m sharing this with you.
The song is in Pilipino but music reaches everyone’s heart.
I hope you enjoy this.


Magiting is Musika Publiko’s tribute to the country’s brave health workers. A song recorded by about 50 Filipino musicians across the country and the world.The #MagitingProject

Songwriter: Jaime Hernandez (Makati City)
Arrangement and Sound Engineering: Karl Ramirez (Naga City)
Music Consultant: Rey Abella (Manila)
Original Song Artwork: Kahlil (Pampanga)

Voices: Solong Aki (Makati City), Pats Loquinario (Mandaluyong City), Maria Ortua (Mandaluyong City), James Rabaino (Ilocos Sur), Aljohn Lamela (Australia), Janine Santos (Belgium), Rose Avisado (Quezon City), Kathrine Taopo (Bicol), Harry Tiu (Laguna), Rence Rapanot (Laguna), Arvy Rojas (Catanduanes), Mia Grace (Pasig City), Kebyo Feliciano (Canada), Drei Karingal (Canada), Lui Queano (Canada), Divino Rivera (Baguio City), Obi Hernandez (Taguig City), Stephanie Chance (Bulacan), Zelle (Sweden), Boogs Villareal (Pampanga), Enka Villareal (Pampanga), Gold Villar Lim (Mandaluyong City), Jennifer Faye Oro (Taguig City), Maryjane Alejo (Hongkong), Paolo Ay-ay (Tacloban), Paul Puti-an (Cavite), Lin Reoma (Baguio City), Lia Reoma (Baguio City), Karl Ramirez (Naga City), Yvette Ramirez (Colombia), Bunny Liwanag (France)

Instrumentation: Domeng Molina (Quezon City), Nathan Abella (Manila), Enka Villareal (Pampanga), Bonglennon (Las Pinas City), Burn Belacho (Makati City), LJ Pasion (Quezon City), Kit Manlangit (Pasig City), Jerry Viola (Manila), Princess Ybanez (Quezon City), Boogs Villareal (Pampanga), Dyandi (Quezon City), Darrel Roberto (Australia), Karl Ramirez (Naga City)

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, musicians in the Philippines responded with overwhelming unity for an initiative supporting the needs of communities, fellow musicians in need, and most especially frontline health workers.

Musika Publiko, a community of Filipino musicians, composers, music producers, and music enthusiasts for social relevance, joined the response with Tugtugan Para sa Kalusugan. Almost two hundred musicians to date, from all-over the country and abroad volunteered to hold Facebook LIVE performances every day for 40 days and counting.

This fundraiser in partnership with the Citizens’ Disaster Response Center encouraged the creative participation of musicians, performers, and music producers while in lockdown. It was a collective battle call was not just for fundraising, but more importantly, for amplifying the call for people’s health and welfare amidst the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Magiting” is Filipino for “brave”. Musika Publiko dedicates the song to the brave health workers and individuals who risk life and limb in fighting the pandemic. Written by Jaime Hernandez and produced with a nationwide and global network of musicians.

Producing the song within the framework of the current lockdown and restrictions to mobility, plus the physical distance of each and every participant was very challenging. But Musika Publiko was able to maximize technology and innovative music production techniques in putting MAGITING together.

Almost 50 musicians contributed to producing the song, representing the nationwide and worldwide participation of almost 200 musicians in the online fundraiser. The musical arrangement was a fusion of providing space to every musician so that they are uniquely heard throughout the song while creating a powerful impact when voices come together, united in chorus.

MAGITING is an anthem for all those who continue to support these brave health workers through donations, volunteer performances, and coordinating music communities across the globe to participate in whatever way they can.

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