Hello friends,
after a very successful May Day, we are faced with challenges to consolidate our mobilization in different organizations. We knew very well that you also had a great  May 1st . In the Phils the school year will start in just a few weeks and rainy days already began.
We are grateful that your organizing in the GFF as support to the Phil struggle is getting stronger and more members are getting interested and educated about the current situation of the world.
Hope Dieter had talked already about his vist in the Cordillera. He was able to attend at least 3 celebrations in 3 different places, he also delivered messages in behalf of the GFF and the Monday demo in stuttgart, he visited the EPZ workers, had talks with the James Balao family, visited the kmu and cpa office. He also prepared a presentation about germany and about the works of gff that was presented in 3 communities. I hope his short stay in the cordillera had increased his awareness about the Cordillera and of course strengthened solidarity partnership with GFF.
He has brought with him books, cds of struggles, flashlites, umbrellas, blankets and an external hard drive.
Here are some needs you may include in the boxes:
office supplies- white board markers, pentel pen, ballpens, USB
School supplies – crayons, notebooks, pencils, kiddie bags,
Umbrellas/ rain gears
Microphones – for outdoor rallies or indoor activities
sandals (for men – size 42-44) ( for a comrade who never wear close shoes, always sandals)
I would like to share some pics taken during dieters visit in the cordillera. a picture also of our feeding of children in the urban poor communities near the export processing zone, they also will receive the children’s clothes from the balikbayan boxes.
For the workers,
Bilder von Cordillera Besuch von Dieter