Dear Julia,
Many thanks for the birthday greetings for Pido.  He is very grateful to Rainer Werning for helping him with the interview..
Yes, we are in a lockdown/ quasi martial law (Duterte government using the covid-19 as excuse for the “undeclared” martial law)  here in the Philippines.  But still we take a very positive attitude.  The organized forces are able to continue organizing work during the severe public health crisis and economic crisis.  In the cities and in the rural areas, communities continue to help each other because they know they cannot expect the government to help them.  In the barrios food production goes on and barrio health workers   are helping the people to understand what the virus is and what they can do to avoid it.
Many thanks for the balikbayan box which you sent to Rev Alan.  Since the first week of March, no balikbayan boxes have been delivered because of the virus When the lockdown is over,  I think delivery will start again.  so hopefully we will get the BB box.
News about Ella and the 8 other PPs in the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW).  As of today, 18 inmates  of the CIW are infected with the covid.  They are in isolation. So far not one of  the 9 women pol prisoners are infected.  Since no visitors are allowed in the CIW, for the past two months I have been sending Ella’s maintenance medicines to her by a delivery service company (it is called Lalamove)  Our friends in the human rights organization KARAPATAN  are also helping the other women PPs in the CIW.
Many thanks for your offer to send us things we may need during this time of severe crisis.  We know the DPF  has a donations call-up for the Cordillera peoples and for the political prisoners.  This is a very big help.  We also know that the DPF has sent letters to the Philippine government to support our  campaign  “Release the sick, elderly political prisoners ! ”   Many of the Philippine newspapers featured articles in support of the campaign.   Many many thanks to you and the DPF Vorstand  for your support.
If there are donations in kind, you can send them later by BB box.     The PPs need Bath soap , shampoo, toothpaste (Not toothbrushes since the prison authorities make it  difficult to bring in toothbrushes), for the women PPs — sanitary napkins (not tampons, the prison authorities also do not allow us to bring in tampons).   Bond Paper , ballpens.
This is all for now.  Warmest regards to you all.
Yours, medy and pido


BalikBayan Box Info – Brief von Medy