Termine in 2019

Die Treffen des Bündnis-Rats 2019 finden am 10.3.19 in Wuppertal, am 10.6. in Truckenthal, am 22.9. in Thüringen und am 1.12. ( Ort wird noch bekannt gegeben) statt. Das Pfingstjugendtreffen findet vom 8.-10.6. in Truckenthal/Thüringen statt. Der Frauenpolitische Ratschlag findet

Unterschriftspetition: Free Hedda Calderon! Stop the attacks against women human rights defenders!

https://www.thepetitionsite.com/445/766/178/free-hedda-calderon-stop-the-attacks-against-women-human-rights-defenders/?z00m=31008150&redirectID=2767232256 On the 15th October Hedda Calderon, along with four other peace and human rights advocates was arrested in the Philippines. They say that the state forces planted evidence in their vehicle to justify their arrest and detention. The Gabriela